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If you are located in The Forest Hills Rego Park area of Queens and were injured at work then you need one of our board-certified doctors today! Our work injury doctors treat your injuries fast and quickly and bill the insurance so you might not have to pay for a thing.

 At Work Back, Body, Knee & Neck Pain Injuries

At Work Body Injury: an experienced work injury doctor needs to examine your body pain as quickly as possible after an accident. Call us today!

At Work Back Injury: Experiencing back pain? Our work injury doctors can get you on a path to recovery in no time.

At Work Knee Injury: The knee is a fragile joint that is prone to injury improper working conditions.

At Work Neck Injury: Experiencing neck pain from your work is no joking matter! Don’t spend time contemplating how you will be treated and afford it, We can help!


  • What is a work injury doctor?

A work injury doctor treats workers after they got injured or experienced paid after a work accident.


  • How much is a work injury doctor?

This depends on the treatment required and the length of treatment, but we make sure you pay for as little as possible and your employer’s insurer covers as much as possible.


  • Where can I find a work injury doctor?

Our team of doctors is based in the central Forest hills and Rego park area in Queens. We offer free consultations and offer daily appointments


  • How can I win my workers comp case?

The best thing to do to guarantee success is to hire a local work injury doctor as soon as you can after the accident so everything is registered and documented,  you can start to recover and get the rightful compensation.

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    Dr. Yakub Abrakhimov of Elite Pain Queens can be found in the heart of the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, NY. Minutes away from Fresh Meadows, Rego Park, Elmhurst, Corona, Jackson Heights, & Briarwood Our clients come from all over including Woodside, Jamaica, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, Middle Village, Woodhaven, & Jackson Heights. The time to eliminate your pain is now, don’t wait another day to contact us or visit us. We never compromise on top of the line care, customized for each and every patient.