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No-Fault doctors work with injuries that occur in a  no fault situation, like a car accident in NY. For the most part, payment upfront is not required and the insurance company will only be billed after the fact


Whether it’s or not in the best interest to pursue a no-fault doctor depends on a number of factors. One straightforward way to decide is to compare the cost of treatment with your personal insurance benefits and ask, how much do I really want this? No-fault doctors are not for everyone as it is essential to establish that it was a no-fault accident. No-fault Doctors will generally treat auto accident injuries and personal injury. 

No Fault Back, Body, Knee & Neck Pain Injuries

No-fault doctors can help  you with:

  1. Back Pain
  2. Neck pain
  3. Broken bones
  4. Knee pain
  5. Muscle Weakness
  6. Leg Pain
  7. Contusions
  8. Shoulder Pain

The best way to determine what your personal situation is like in this regard is by getting an estimate from your insurance carrier. This will show you what they are willing to pay for
treatment and quote a cost for payments. If you are looking for a no-fault doctor to help you with your injury schedule a call now


What is No-Fault?

No-Fault is the insurance law in all 50 states. It gives you a medical bill for your auto insurance, and it also covers some legal fees for you if you are found at fault in an auto accident.


Who pays No-Fault?

No-Fault is paid by every driver of every car on the road (except motorcycles). Most people think their insurance company pays No-Fault, but they often only pay a small fraction of what we get through our no-fault.


I was assigned bodily injury liability instead of an auto accident bodily injury liability; what can I expect?

If you are assigned bodily injury liability, a no-fault doctor will not see you. You may have to pay for your own medical visits. You may have to pay for treatment of some injuries that might have been covered in the accident.

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